He Doesn’t Like it at Home Sir – So We’re Off!


So a horse trained by Stuart Kendrick goes spastic in the tie-up stalls at the Sunshine Coast for no reason at all yesterday.

Isn’t that odd?

What’s even more odd is that the Steward’s listened to Stuart Kendrick’s rather lame excuse that the horse – whose name is Felzone – plays better away than at it does at home, and accepted the trainer’s undertaking that to avoid fractious behavior that cannot be explained, he would race the horse anywhere but at its home track in the future.

No-one on yesterday’s Steward panel appears to have had a form guide handy.

Felzone has only ever started twice on its home turf at Corbould Park.

The first run was at the end of its last prep when it sat outside the leader and stopped like a pricked balloon to run near last; and the second was first up at its previous run a couple of weeks ago when Felzone did exactlty the same.

Was it the excitement about the prospect of chalking up another duck egg that inspired Felzone to turn into the Hulk in the pre-race stables yesterday, or was it something more?

I guess we will never know.

The Steward’s were too lazy to even bother trying to find out.

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