A Whole Lot of Crazy, One-Off Thoughts on a Rainy Thursday Morning in the Tropics

Anthony Albanese is a million to one of ever becoming Prime Minister.

Deb Frecklington is a zillion to one of becoming Queensland Premier.

Scott Morrison is an absolute goose, but Federal Labor’s only hope of beating him is to install a woman as leader. Albo’s a nice guy, but they always run last.

Bosses who demand their workers take pay cuts are parasites, if they don’t volunteer to take the same sized cuts themselves.

The pop singer Rihanna is brilliant, and as sexy as hell to boot.

Maggie can’t sing for shit, but she’s hotter.

Chris Munce has a lot of explaining to do.

Sally Snow and her hubby are not out of the woods yet.

The AFP are all over drug cheats in racing.

But State based laws and loyalties might still save a lot of people from taking a fall.

Ice is a terrible drug, and people who sell it are as bad as murderers.

How much is the Tornado (Ben Currie) missing racing?

Will Peter Moody make it back to the top?

Where is Kevin Seymour in these days of the Coronavirus crisis?

How bloody stupid is Ben Melham?

When are the stipes going to summon Dick Van Dyke to front and face the music?

Will Baylee Nothdurft take a good, hard look in the mirror and realise that if he doesn’t pull up, he’s going to throw it all away?

How did Tom Melbourne ever make it to the Living Legends farm?

Does anyone still believe that Racing Queensland are going to build a new greyhound complex in the post – Covid world?

What was incoming Albion Park CEO Scott Steele thinking when he opened up the account books and had a look on his first day in the big trots chair this week?

Does he have any real plans to arrest the rapid decline of the once great sport, and restore it to some semblance of its former glory?

How many heads will roll in the Queensland trainers ranks when the ATO finally launches its Coronavirus delayed racecourse blitz?

When is the QRIC Commissioner Ross Barnett going to step aside and give his sidekick Mark Ainsworth a clear run at the top job? Our sources say it won’t be too long.

Speaking of the QRIC, how is former IIT head and budding stand-up comedian Tracey Pelling going down in Melbourne?

Where in the world is Bill Shuck, and what the hell has happened to his criminal charges?

Ditto Marshall Dobson.

When will the little boys who still cling to old school ties when they are fifty realise that Rugby is totally buggered? Or was that the plan all along?

Are the Queensland tracks going to make it through the quasi Winter Carnival in one piece?

Or his recent history about to repeat?

How broke is Racing Queensland going to be when all the virus dust settles?

What will it mean for the future of racing?

Do you reckon Peter V’Landys looks in the bathroom mirror every night and grins?

After backing up on his success at pummeling the Vics in racing by doing the same to the AFL, doesn’t Australia’s greatest sporting chief deserve to?

Who is better – Jmac or Hugh?


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