The NSW Harness Racing 20% Cuts to Prize Money Laid Bare – HRNSW Have a Whole Lot of Questions to Answer – Why Get Old Waiting – Let’s Go and Find the Answers For Ourselves


This graph above shows what Peter V’Landys had done for owners of horses in New South Wales Racing.

Everyone in the game believes he should be knighted, except the Victorians, and that’s because they are elitist snobs from the landed gentry. who who are in total denial of thge humiliating truth that not only can they not only win a match against him, but can’t even crack his line to score a point.

A grubby little Greek wog from the Gong, and he’s done the establishment like a dinner and eaten them for dessert too. It’s all because he’s a genius. The Michael Jordan of sports administration, Phar Lap and Winx  in an all fitting suit, untucked shirt and indescribable tie, come to earth in human form.

It’s not fair to compare any other racing administrator to V’Landys – it would be like trying to line up Phil Duke at 5/8th against King Wally Lewis.

So you can’t expect Harness Racing NSW to have doubled prize money since 2012 like V’Landys has, but you can expect that they would have given stakes inflation a fair nudge.

You’d be bloody disappointed if you did though.

This is prize money picture for NSW Harness Racing below.

The 2020 figure reflects the so-called Coronavirus essential 20% cuts to purses, announced without consultation by HRNSW just a few days ago.

Queensland, Victoria, West Australia – they’ve all been hit with the Coronavirus too, but outside a downgrade of their carnivals, they haven’t cut any prizemoney.

So why have NSW?

This stinks.

Over the days to come we’ll sniff it out.


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