The Concretor Jumps Out and Kicks a Big Goal at Corbould Park – There Won’t Be Any Wheelbarrows Being Pushed Up Hills in Caloundra This Morning – Don’t You Worry About That

Well, well, well, our old China the Concretor from Caloundra sure has been cock-a-hoop for the past couple of days, that’s for sure.

I suppose if you had $500 on Thunder Mania at $3 all up the grey flash Gideons  two races later at $9 at the Sunshine Coast races on Wednesday as your only bet for a $1350 collect, you would be too, and if you’d plucked the nine buck shot out of jump out by eye, skill and feel, you’d be even happier.

We’re told the Concretor’s BFF the King of the Ring only averaged about $6.50 the grey.

Punting is a young man’s game I guess, and spotting winners who run the fastest 850m of the day in quasi-trials is the domain of the highly skilled.

The Concretor’s given us Twist of Fate the place in the first in Adelaide at 8 bucks today.

We will see in a couple of hours whether his scorching hot streak continues.

Two things are for sure.

There won’t be any wheelbarrows pushed on a building site within 20 miles of Caloundra this morning, and this time next year I’ll still be waiting for my Thunder Mania tip sling.

Don’t you worry about that.


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