NSW Harness Racing Participants Have Had 20 Percent of Their Earnings Ripped Away Overnight – When Are the Under-Performing Members of the Board Going to Take Their Hit?


In 2017 the total payments to the Directors of Harness Racing NSW was $106 738.

Rod Smith was paid $15 795.

Peter Nugent copped $20 765.

Ken Brown $2 633.

By the next year – 2018 – the total Board Members fees had jumped to $138 254.

Smith was on $49 585.

Nugent $20 765.

Brown $20 769.


Fast forward another year, and now the total Directors fees have catapulted up to $186 218, a pay increase of over 80% in just 2 years.

Smith’s snout was $82 741.

Nugent’s was $27 580.

Brown’s was too.

In the same year that the Directors copped their big drink, HRNSW recorded a loss of over $6 million dollars, and nearly $4 million disappeared from its gross and net asset base.

I guess they call it non-performance pay.

Overnight the non-performers have ripped 20% of harness racing industry participants earnings through slashing prizemoney by more than five million dollars.

When are mis-Directors of the board going to show some leadership and volunteer to take the same cut in pay?

Never, until now, I reckon.

Help them along the way to doing the right thing.

Forward this story to every trot person you know.



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