I’ve Always Liked Bernie Cooper – Now I Like Her Even More – Do You Reckon She’s Let Me Be the Egg in Her Race?

I thought I was hearing things, so I rewound the IQ box.

I wasn’t.

Bernie Cooper was making jokes about anal sex at 11.00 in the morning.

I’ve always liked that girl.

I do even more now.

Bernie: Spooling … is that like spooning? No, different

Co-Presenter Bloke: I think its the opposite

(Bernie giggles)

Bloke: I think it will, ah, require an easier maiden

(Bernie falls on the floor laughing)

Quick cut to Cassie in the studio

Cassie pretends Bernie didn’t say it.

You can hear the disapproval/disgust in her voice sweeping down the line

She’s a nice girl Cassie.

There will be no spooning for her future husband.

Poor bastard.

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