It’s Time – The Season’s About to Restart – Everyone in Australia Wants Peter V’Landys to be the CEO of the NRL – Let’s Just Do It


I’ve been lauding Peter V’Landys for years now, and I’ve been telling you for months that despite the modest denials, he’s a lay down misere to be the CEO of Rugby League.

What a wonderful thing it will be for footy too.

The game’s future will be secure for the next 20 years.

Pete’s only got one flaw in my view, and that is that despite having a reputation amongst losers as a lore-breaking maverick who doesn’t give a toss for social conventions and tradition, V’Landys is actually quite the conservative.

Like Churchill, Weary Dunlop and Alexander the Great before him, Peter V’Landys will stand out in front of his front line in a war and scream “come and get me you bastards” to the enemy of the day, and in doing so inspire his troops to follow him and die for him, because he’d die for them too.

And just like Albert Jacka, if V’Landys followers were ambushed by a bunch of Huns, he’d jump into the trench and kill every bastard who rabbit punched them and put them in chains, and then he’d jump back out and chase the cowards who ran away.

But like all of the blokes above, V’Landys is a strategic incrementalist.

Only fools rush in where angels fear to tread unless they have to, and PVL doesn’t, because he’s the greatest certainty since Winx to become the boss of Rugby League, and so he’s doing it in fast tracked tippy toes and knocking out rival generals by attrition in wide-sweeping and well considered steps.

The media is a big part of it.

Journos love V’Landys, because they know he’s fair dinkum, and most writers have been around the block so many times, and seen enough to know that in sporting administration terms, he’s the messiah.

Footy writers love footy, and they know that there hasn’t been anyone in the game ever who is going to run the sport as well as Pete will, o they laud his praises and they shoot all his imaginary opponents down, just as Buzz Rothfield has in his demolition job on the NRL’s acting CEO Andrew Abdo in the Daily Telegraph today.

Don’t get me wrong, I agree with every word Rothfield says. Latrell Mitchell was treated like shit and Nathan Cleary got away with murder. That of course is about to change, and the Albo is going himself look like an absolute bloody fool, which judging by his handling of the Cleary matter he obviously is.

Why the hell wouldn’t the bloke in charge of footy identify the supermodels in the posted pics, go and see them to have a chat and find out what went on, identify that videos were made, and act on it before someone else found out and made him look like an idiot?

It defies belief that he didn’t.

Peter V’Landys would have, and that’s why it’s time to stop all this flash jabbing and parrying and slow circling nonsense, and just bring the whole matter to a head.

It’s up to PVL to do it.¬†All he is to say is I wanna run the joint, and his wish will be the whole rugby league world’s command.

The only reasons that he hasn’t yet is because (a) he’s a man of honor who wants to fulfil his contract to Racing NSW and not let them down, and (b) he’s a conservative at heart.

Bugger that Pete.

The bloke can steer the greatest game of all through a once in a lifetime crisis that could have killed it, and do it from his desk at the racing office in town.

Does anyone really think that he’d have a problem running racing from an office at the NRL?

It’s time.

The season’s about to restart.

Let’s do it.


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