Can Anyone Tell Us Why Harness Racing NSW’s Employee Travel Spend Has All But Doubled in Just Four Years? – Or What and Who the Half a Million Dollars Has Been Spent On?


This is Harness Racing NSW employee travel expenditure in the years 2015 (right) and 2016 (left), as detailed in that fiscal year’s annual report.

In 2015 the spend was a tick under $270 000, yet a year later the travel cheque had jumped to $355 000.

But you ain’t seen nothing yet.


By the time the 2018/19 financial year rocked around the budget for travel had skyrocketed to almost half a million dollars.


What the hell sort of travel could harness racing employees in NSW spend $500 000 on?

Who was it being spent on?

HRNSW announced a 20 percent across the board cut in prize money yesterday, and abolished the drought fund and all infrastructure funding to boot.

What’s good for the goose – or in the case of the cuts, what’s not – is good for the gander too.

Tell us Mr CEO John Dumesny, where did the half a million dollars go?

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