Trot Rods, Odd Bods, Rich Glods With Deep Wads, Silly Sods and Lots of Blods – Welcome to Queensland Harness Racing – Part 1 – Credit Where Credit’s Due – Shooting Your Load Quickly Was Clip Clop Kev’s Idea First


Borrowed thoughts, like borrowed money, only show the poverty of the borrower – The Countess of Blessington

The harness racing Hot Rod series is a joke, for a number of reasons, all of which highlight glaring problems in the age-old and utterly beautiful chariot racing sport.

I will detail these for you in the next couple of articles.

First up though I want to tell you that the whole idea of the Hot Rods series being a brand new initiative of Racing Queensland is a furphy.

It was Clip Clop Kev’s (Kevin Seymour AM’s) idea the whole time.

Big Kev came up with the concept of short distance racing three years ago.

Racing Queensland have tweaked with the idea and stuffed it up, and the gambling funded Government body has thrown a bit more money at it than Clip Clop as a single individual did, but in essence it was Kevin Seymour’s idea first, not theirs.

I’m not saying that it was a good one – I reckon its a Barry Crocker, for reasons soon to be explained – but credit or condemnation where credit or condemnation is due.

Let’s acknowledge the inventor and respect his pioneering role in proving that – when it comes to harness racing – old relics of the past, now matter how precious, are not the talismans that will lead the code to a glitter-full brighter future.

Once upon a time Queensland was the speed pacing capital of the world.

Now we’re just a train wreck.

PS – No the words in the title are not mistakes or made up – Google them and see for yourself. You learn something new every day.


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