The Perfect Example of Why Brendan Pins Parnell is the Anti-Perfect Coronavirus Era Racing CEO


Racing Queensland tells us we will miss our crowds being trackside, which automatically tells us that they are lying, because outside of about half a dozen gallops race days, there haven’t been any for years.

The State Government body headed by Brendan ‘Pins’ Parnell then proceeds to give a huge plug for Brendan ‘Pins’ Parnell’s former employers Sky Racing and TAB, who are actually one and the same thing, because the TAB (Tabcorp) owns Sky.

Pins calls the TAB our friends, which is more than a bit of a misnomer, for Racing Queensland and Tabcorp are presently combatants in a pitch forked Supreme Court battle over the issue of the corporate bookmaker not paying our racing industry tens of millions of dollars, that we believe are clearly due and owing.

The CEO of RQ gets really worked up about the idea that this new-fangled technology called TV that allows punters to watch the races at home like they have been for twenty years – (hence the fact that there are no crowds trackside) – can create a social revolution in racing if only we take selfies of ourselves acting like the idiot actors in the TAB ads, and hashtag them and post them somewhere out there on the world wide web, wherever that is.

To give us all a pre-post boost Pins post an example for us all to follow.

He’s a genius Pins.

The horse and rider in his post breach the Racing Queensland COVID-19 horse movement, zone restrictions, and social isolation and distancing rules, all in one.

I think it’s called the Quadrella.

And to think Zoe White got scrubbed for six months*.

How long will the QRIC give Pins?

* reduced to three months on appeal

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