Beauty Generation Wouldn’t Blow Smoke Up Australia’s Best Milers Arses


Legendary Hong Kong trainer John Moore is getting voted off the island soon ‘ços he’s too old, and of course as anyone with money and a choice would, he’s returning to the greatest country on earth, the land of his birth, Australia.

Good on him, and welcome back. He has a bit of explaining to do about why he forsook us for upwards of four decades, but all in good time. For the moment, as long as he passes the Coronavirus streamlined Citizenship Test – 1. Who was the captain of the 2019 NRL-winning Roosters? 2. Name four players from Queensland’s first-ever Sheffield Shield winning team 3. Where’s Betoota? – Moore is more than welcome.

I’m not so sure about his friend Beauty Generation though.

Sure, the dual ‘Champions’ Mile winner formerly known as Montaigne has been kicking pretty much every other horse’s arse in Honkers.

Yes he’s won $20 million beating up on other imports from the UK, France, New Zealand and Australia.

But please, Beauty Generation was racing over here in his Australia in his youthful glory, and he couldn’t beat mid-range group horses like Preferment, Tarzino and Le Romain then.

What hope has he got of winning a Group 1 mile in Australia?


Zero is of course the answer.

Sure, let the horse who was never a legend in his own country head off to pasture at the Living Legends farm.

Tom bloody Melbourne’s there, what will another pretender matter?

Pretender you say author?


Beauty Generation got famous beating up horses like Stuart Kendrick’s former colt Ted.

Be serious, it won a Maiden at Doomben and a Class 1 at the Sunny Coast. Big deal. And then went on to win a Hong Kong Derby. What a joke.

Hong Kong racing is a joke.

The jocks are great, the trainers are variable, the horses are shit.


Beauty Generation got beat by Southern Legend in a trial in Sydney four and half years ago, and on Saturday in the so-said Champions Mile he got beat by him again.

When he was over here Southern Legend couldn’t beat Mackintosh, Takedown or Illustrious Lad.

What price would any of them be in a Group 1 mile?


Leave the horse at home John.

The Honkers crowd go bonkers over him, and good luck to them too.

Things are a bit tougher over here in Australia, as your little brother Gary has come to realise in recent years.

You and your friend BG are about to find out too.

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