We’re Just the Punters Paying Pete’s Wages – We Don’t Matter


On Saturday afternoon the QRIC Stewards broadcast a notice to all punter that use twitter telling them that, in accordance with the change of riding tactics advice received from the horse’s connections, Sister Pattie will be ridden cold and back in the 8th race at the Sunshine Coast.

Punters all over the nation rush to revise their speed maps for the race, and adjust their ratings and their betting accordingly.

Sister Pattie pings out of the gates, goes forward and leads, without ever for a second looking like being restrained out the back.

The Stewards say ho hum, and don’t even bother hauling either jockey Ryan Wiggins or trainer Les Ross in to ask them “WTF was that?”

Another day, another Peter Chadwick led exemplar of Stewarding incompetence.

Don’t worry though punters.

We’re only the ones who pay the Chief a handsome six-figure salary and benefits to turn up to the track once a week, if he feels like it.

We don’t matter.

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