Jesus Christ Superstar? – He’s Got Nothing on our Harness Racing Supertrainer Dan Russell – Do You Believe? Tell me Sinner, DO YOU BELIEVE!


Archie stands guard over Dan Russell’s car park in trot form improvement heaven

Trainer Dan Russell has been having an extraordinary run of success recently, an absolute golden streak.

Let me tell you a little about it.

Up until September last year a pacer named Feelingforarainbow had raced 27 times for just 5 wins in lowly provincial races at Marburg and Redcliffe, and had never run faster than 1.59.4 in any on them.

Then suddenly BOOM!

Feelkingforarainbow wins 9 of its next 24 starts, and at his past 4 wins from 6 starts in Saturday night company at Albion Park is running hitherto unheard of times for him of 1.53,6, 1.54.4, 1.54.2 and 1.54.0.


This Dan Russell fella must be right up there with Luke McCarthy Craig Cross, Clayton Tonkin Emma Stewart, Kevin Pizzuto, Clayton Harmey and Jesus Christ himself in the miracle worker stakes.


No it’s not really Jesus, just your author dressed up at a peptide-free Judges bucks party 

Russell’s win with Perfect Feeling last night at Redcliffe proved it.

Until this month, this mule only won two of its forty-six starts – both at the country Marburg track – and had managed just five well-spaced placings in amongst them. The fastest mile it had ever run was 1.59.8.

Just four weeks ago it sat on the leaders back in a slow race at Redcliffe and couldn’t keep up, dropping out to run 24 metres last in a race where the winner crawled to the line in just 2.01.8.

Then something miraculous dropped from the sky and landed right in Dan Russell’s lap.

Perfect Feeling went 2, 2 and 2, and then at Redcliffe last night it went 1 with a bang, and ran 1.58.4 in the process, at least 20 metres faster than it had ever run in 50 starts before, and about 70 metres faster than it had only a month ago.

Dan Russell is a genius of a trainer, an absolute superfreak.

Or he is lately anyway.

So you won’t be surprised to learn that just to put a cherry on the cream that he’s been loading onto his come out of nowhere cake, our man Dan landed a $30 into $8 plunge on a horse he trains named Cracka Stride at Albion Park during the week.

It was an amazing training feat, something that not even one of the rival Purdon brothers from New Zealand could have pulled off, no matter how hard they’d tried.


Because Cracka Stride had been beaten over 50 metres into last place in a tawdry NR 70-85 affair at Redcliffe, when it just couldn’t go a yard. Even Threo, a horse who struggled off the front line at the EKKA last year, whipped its arse by more than 40 metres that day.

And here Cracka was taking on rating 98 and 94 horses like Big Bang Leonard, Maywyns Courage and Rich Virgin, and in the greatest form turn around in a week since the resurrection 2000 years ago, it gave them an absolute kicking, and ran 1.54.1 seconds for the mile to boot.

What will Dan Russell do next?

Heal the lame?

Touch the blind and make them see?

Raise a man named Lazarus from the dead?

Render a horse named Lazarus fertile?

Throw a positive swab?

Get sprung in possession of peptides?

Who knows.

The Lord moves in mysterious ways, and miracles are beyond the understanding of the common man.

Dan’s all over them though.

Don’t you worry about that.


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