Quotes of the Week

This could be the greatest boilover since Polly put the kettle on!

Fred Hastings, calling $71 shot Scenic Sky the winner of the photo in the last at Menangle

Sure, if you give me a head job.

Now former manager at a Qld race club, replying to a casual staff member’s request for member’s tickets for her friends for a race day

I’m told that the winner of race 2 Eelloh was named after a popular band from the 1970’s, called – uh – the Electric Light Orchestra I’m led to believe

Caller Josh Fleming yesterday, making all of us over 50 feel old

You appear to have very little insight into your crimes.

Magistrate Stjernqvist, sentencing jockey Luke Tarrant on drug possession and production, and theft charges in August last year.

Since moving to Queensland in May 2016 this is the first irregularity that I have had in this state.

Dick Van Dyke, telling the truth and stretching it like a slinky at the same time. DVD – who has had multiple positives in his career, including a long stretch for elephant juice – got done for hitting Yankee Rose with Ketorolac in 2017, but the swab threw in NSW.

Really? What crimes did you commit?

Russian President to Malcolm Turnbull, after being told he’d spent some time in Siberia

Editor’s Note:

If you haven’t read Hamish McLachlan’s interview piece with Tye Angland At Least He Didn’t Die, then you’re missing something really special. This bloke is an inspiration, and the embodiment of the Anzac Spirit. Just listening to Angland speak makes you proud to be an Australian.

You can catch up with the interview here. It’s well worth it.