EXCLUSIVE – Boom, Boom, Boom – Archie’s Sister, Her Mates, Horse Racing, and a Whole Lot of Peptides – Part 1 – The Beginning


I’m not sure how literate some people in racing are, but with my trial on the trumped-up criminal charges stemming from true stories and utterly evidenced stories that I penned about corruption in the sport set down to kick off in a couple of weeks, those with even a skerrick of nous who read this site over the next few days will soon come to realise that I’m an Oliver Cromwell man.

I appreciate that this declaration is somewhat oblique, but legal prohibitions prevent me from elaborating any further.

All I can do to illuminate the picture is to tell you that any who cries and hollers copper when his actions are exposed is not a man at all, and add to that with a quote from Hamlet, directed at the blokes who wear skirts.


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