EXCLUSIVE – Boom, Boom, Boom – Archie’s Sister, Her Mates, Horse Racing, and a Whole Lot of Peptides – Part 3 – Welcome to the Stadium


This above is the banner of the website of Boom Racing, a well-known Queensland company that – it claims – specialises in horse ownership and breeding, although some people that I have known my whole life say that it’s that and a bit more.

Boom Racing is owned by a former footballer named Andrew Schloss, and run by he and his wife Peta.


For a time the Schloss’s were close friends of my sister Lauren Baildon and her then footballer husband David Baildon, and the four even lived together for a brief period. They are not friends now – my sister separated from Dave, and has had half a dozen partners since, and she always falls out with other women – but that doesn’t matter for the purpose of this story.

What matters is that I know the players.


This above is a list of Boom Racing’s Stud Farms, Trainers, Pre-Trainers, Horse Educators, Spelling Farms and Partners.

For the moment I want you to concentrate your attention on the partners, in particular two of them – Anti Wrinkle Skin and Studios, and Peptides Direct.

Anti-Wrinkle Skin and Studios is owned by a Ngapuhi man from the north lands of New Zealand named Darren Smeath.

Darren Smeath holds an honour degree in Health Science, majoring in Ergogenics.

Ergogenics is the use of substances or drugs to enhance sporting performance.

Like Schloss who owns Boom Racing, Smeath is a former rugby league player too.

In one of those delicious ironies, he not only played for the Tweed Heads Seagulls – the feeder team for my brother-in-law’s Gold Coast Seagulls – with my good mate Lisa’s stepson Nate Myles, but he also played at Easts Tigers with Dave and his replacement, my subsequent (this time common law) brother-in-law Jamie Tomlinson, and then at the Ipswich Jets both with Jamie, and with my wife’s cousin Peritit Muliaga who was in the Colts team.

As I said earlier, it’s a very small world.


Darren Smeath, back in his footy days when he was often confused with his far more skilled team-mate Darren Smith, the Maroons and Kangaroos centre

Darren Smeath owns racehorses under the banner of Smeath Racing.

Boom Racing (in it’s various iterations) and Smeath Racing have shared interests in a number of horses that are placed with various prominent trainers, one of whom for legal reasons we cannot name. The others include Chris Anderson, Craig Cousins and John Meagher, and the horses owned by one or the other entity include The Great Boombino, Boomtown Lass, and Savanna Amour.

On Track Thoroughbreds, run by former racing journo Grant Morgan, is also closely linked to Smeath Racing, with the pair of companies regularly cross-promoting, and sharing in the ownership of a number of horses.

We make no comment, or suggest any imputations or inferences, about any of these associations. They are simply a fact.

Darren Smeath is also the sole director and company secretary of the company Peptides Direct, Boom Racing’s other partner, which is registered under the name of Cosmetics 2U Pty Ltd.

He only owns a quarter of the drug company though.

A doctor from Mackay named Richard Brogden owns half, and a doctor formerly from Toowoomba named Zac Turner, who used to be a sports trainer, biomedical scientist and then a nurse before acquiring his medical degree the hard way.

Did someone say Toowoomba?

Most of my family was born there, and I have uncles and aunts living there still. They all like footy. My grandfather captain-coached the Clydesdales, back when they were called the All Whites.

It is not known whether Dr Zac Turner from Toowoomba or Dr Richasrd Brogden from Mackay played Rugby League, or whether either of the pair are racing men.

What is known is that Peptides Direct is a company that sells unregulated and highly dangerous Schedule 4 drugs over the internet.

Drugs that are unapproved for human use, and are declared unlawful for use in racehorses.

In other words, dope.

Just who’s the dope, dopey?

That readers, is the $64 million question.

To be continued …..


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