Queensland Jockeys Winning List Since the Zone Racing System Was Introduced

I thought it would be interesting to have a look at how the Queensland metropolitan jockeys have been going since the regional zone structure was introduced at the start of the month, and it’s thrown up some interesting results.

There have been six meetings run  in each zone since the zone system kicked off, and  it’s immediately clear that the top jockeys who chose the South-West Zone (Gold Coast, Toowoomba, Ipswich) were clever, for they have really been reaping the rewards.

Matthew McGillivray is absolutely smashing all-comers in what has rapidly become his kingdom, riding doubles or trebles at almost every meeting he turns up to, and soaring above his rivals on 11 wins.

Michael Cahill has shown he lost none of his skills during his recent injury-enforced layoff by booting home seven, and the hard-working former good Victorian apprentice Andrew Mallyon, who relocated north just after the start of the new season, has reaped the fruit of his labours and really cemented a place for himself up here by winning six, as has apprentice Nick Keal, who has a rare talent and could go anywhere in the saddle, provided that he can keep his weight and his discipline in check.

The champion apprentice of two seasons ago Jag Guthmann Chester has worked his way back into form by winning four races, the same number as Ryan Maloney, who on paper looks a little disappointing, but the star hoop’s simply been plagued by bad luck, turning out more seconds that a Chinese sock factory with a busted loom.

It’s been a whole lot more competitive up in the North Zone (Sunshine Coast, Brisbane).

As you’d expect from such a once in a generation kid, Baylee Nothdurft has continued to carve his rivals up by winning six. This kid looks unstoppable at the moment, so barring a rush of blood induced suspension I’m sure there will be plenty more.

Dale Smith is back with a vengeance, with the former Victorian hoop surprising some – but not me – by punching home six. He’s a real talented rider Smith, as good as any going around outside of Nothdurft, and assuming that success breeds success even more opportunities will open up for him and his tally will continue to rise too.

Robbie Fradd has won four races, which is perhaps a few less than most would have expected, and so too have Group 1 winning jockeys Jake Bayliss and Larry Cassidy, both of whom have proven slight surprise packets, although to be fair the pair’s success shouldn’t really be any surprise to anyone.

The Edmonds boys are absolutely slaughtering them all in the training stakes, their five winners at the Gold Coast yesterday taking their tally for the month to 11 already, and by virtue of both their talent and the sheer weight of numbers they are able to produce to race in the South-West Zone, the pair are set to dominate the COVID-19 scene for as long as it lasts.

Tony and Maddy Sears have done really well too with six winners, and Boof Currie is matching it with Winxy Waller on four, which is one in the eye for the stable’s trenchant critics the Commissioner and Will Hulbert.

Here’s the list.

11 Matt McGillivray  (S/W)

7 Michael Cahill (S/W)

6 Andrew Mallyon (S/W)

6 Nick Keal (S/W)

6 Baylee Nothdurft (N)

5 Dale Smith (N)

4 Larry Cassidy (N)

4 Robbie Fradd (N)

4 Ryan Maloney (S/W)

4 Jag Guthmann-Chester (S/W)

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