The Great Day of Racing That Was – Or a Little Bit of it Anyway

Elyce Smith Rides Enters the Pantheon of the Racing Gods

Mick Dittman is in the Australian Hall of Fame.

His greatest ever day in the saddle was at Eagle Farm in 1977, when he at age 25 he rode six winners and a second from eight rides.

In the entire history of Queensland racing only Jeff Lloyd has done better. He rode seven winners and a second at a midweek meeting at the Sunshine Coast on the 34th anniversary of the launch of Michael Jackson’s album Thriller.

Lloyd – who was 55 years old – had 12 rides on the day, which gave him win/place strike rates of 56.3% and 66.7%.

Mick Dittman’s were superior, at 75% and 87.5%.

At Emerald yesterday a brave and brilliant, but largely unheralded, jockey named Elyce (Elly) Smith matched the Enforcer’s record.

The 22 years old – who only started riding three years ago, and almost died in a fall 18 months later – got six and a second from eight too.

What an achievement, and how well deserved.

Congratulations Ms Smith.

See you soon town.

Just like Adin Thompson, you’re going to kill them.

Adin Thompson 

Isn’t this wide-eyed kid from the bush going great in the big smoke?

It’s Thompson’s first year of riding in the city, and here he is sitting third on the Apprentice ladder behind only Baylee Nothdurft and Steph Thornton, two of the best young jocks you could ever hope to see, and resting just a breath outside the top ten in terms of both winners and strike rate in the all-comers title race.

Watching the beauty of yet another of the boy/man’s brilliant winning front-running rides on Shalwa yesterday was like watching D. Gauci in his prime, and that’s very high praise.

All power to the kid.

The Boss

Glen Boss is an utter pain in the arse, but gee he can ride.

A treble on Championship day doesn’t lie, and each of his rides was an absolute peach.

Is it possible to get even better after riding a Melbourne Cup three-peat?

It looks like it.

Bread, Butter, Counter Meals, and Time to Let Go

The Paul Butterworth trained seven-year-old Counter Meal hasn’t won a race in nearly three years.

It’s trainer has a 6.6% strike rate this year.

Why do either of them bother?

Told You So

Over the past fortnight I had declared Colette a certainty to win the Oaks, and Addeybb a bird to win the Queen Elizabeth.

I wasn’t wrong on either count, was I?

$14 the Multi if you took them at the right odds.

Thanks Archie.

Not Bad

Went all right Isotope didn’t it?

Goodness me.

Damn Good

This Minjee is one hell of a young galloper, isn’t she?

I couldn’t believe the odds on offer, or that Snappy Reply was again fave after Heathcote’s filly had made her look silly the start before.

She did again.

The margin wasn’t much, but when you win like Minjee did it doesn’t have to be.

Thanks for coming mugs and bookies.


Star of Michelin didn’t.

It put in a shocker.

The thing has heart problems, as the Stewards report shows.

Horses like this shouldn’t be allowed to race.

Even Worse

There were only 8 riders at Charleville yesterday, and were only ever going to be.

So why did Racing Queensland schedule race 4 as a nine-horse race?

Because they love late scratching horses, that’s why.

Do you have a better explanation?

A Tough Call

The Toowoomba Stewards grilled young apprentice Alex Patis about her ride on the narrowly defeated favourite Column in the sixth out there at Clifford Park last night.

I thought it was rather harsh.

What happened is simple, and you don’t need a Stewards inquiry to see it,

The multiple Group 1 winning international rider Michael Cahill aboard the 2nd fave and ultimate winner Above the Sky simply bullied the claiming kid to let him in, and succeeded.

The rider of last seasons Ten Thousand winner stooged an apprentice.


You don’t see that very often do you?

You won’t see it again either.

Alex Patis is a real good rider, and will learn from her mistake without needing a grilling from the stipes, or the blatant inference they make that she may not be competent.

A gal doesn’t ride two winners and two placings from just four rides if she can’t ride, does she?

Alex Patis is good, real good.

Watch and learn.

The Locals Get Lashed

The regional structure is hurting Toowoomba jockeys.

Only one – Monty Savva – won a race at Clifford Park yesterday, and only 50% of placed horses were ridden by local riders.

Call Me Sandy

It’s amazing how many riders of horse’s that race regularly on the dirt tracks of Western Queensland claim that their mounts resented the kickback when they go like busted arses, or to the contrary improve by a dozen lengths.

What’s strange is that most of the horses in question seem to have raced on the sand half a dozen times before, and what’;s even stranger is that the stipes apparently fall hook, like and sinker for the tall tales that they are told.

You’d honestly have to be mad to bet on these cowboy cards.

No-One Does

The highest win pool all day on Charleville was less than $3000.

The hold on three of the six races on the card was less than a thousand bucks, with the lowest a miserable $379 in race two.

Each race carried $10 000 in prize money, courtesy of the rest of the racing industry.

What the hell is the point?

Age Can’t Weary Ollie

Damian Oliver may not ride as many winners these days as he once did, but that’s because at age 47 he’s looking after his body and not taking as many rides. It doesn’t mean he’s still not brilliant though.

Ollie rode 2 from 4 at Pakenham on Thursday night, then came out and nailed 2 from 3 at Caulfield yesterday, and each of his wins were peaches. His ride on Order of Command was just pretty to watch, and the one on Mystery Love was almost as gorgeous.

This bloke may be as dodgy as all get up, but hell the man can ride.

This Bloke Can’t

I don’t bet on Toowoomba races, but I do like watching them, because it gets me out of doing the washing up.

A no-name country jockey named Paul Randall, who thanks to the zoning system was having his first ride for yonks in the big smoke of Toowoomba yesterday, obviously takes a different view on household chores to me, for he absolutely washed up the $1.28 fave Mithu in the 8th on the range last night, attacking that horse as if it was a dingo who’d tried to snatch it baby the whole way, and causing the tomato saucer to fall into a late hole and get beat.

The Stewards didn’t ask Randall to explain a word about his mad ride.

That’s surprising isn’t it?


Half Nude Hoops

Gee, didn’t Nash pull all their pants down on White Moss in the last in Sydney?

What a magnificent ride

One For the Missus

Maggie asked me to tell you that her mare French Response won the last at Newcastle first-up yesterday.

She says she would have told you earlier, but she feared that you might have knocked her $17 price off.






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