Who Wouldn’t Want to Watch a Footy Game Every Night During Lock Down? – Do You Reckon St Peter Could Give Us Two?


The Wizard of Oz racing is now the Wizard of them all.

Pewter V’Landys is going to approach the NRL contracted free to air and pay TV channels to see if they will buy into him giving them a broadcast product every day of the week.

It’s like some crazy bookie offering me a hundred bucks to bet with every day and asking me if I’d mind punting it.

“No worries virtual satchel swinging man” I’d say.

“Gimme a hundred on the Roosters head to head, same game multied into Tedesco to make the most metres, Cordner to haul in the most hit-ups, and Jake Friend to turn out the most tackles”.

And therein lies the genius of Peter V’Landys.

League’s going to come out of the Coronavirus even stronger than it ever was before, while all the other codes are going to wither and shrink.

If Raelene Castle had even half a sports administrator’s brain she’d be banging down St Peter’s door, falling to her knees, and begging him to put on a game in the Trans-Tasman challenge she’s just devised as the prelim to the main league game, and the first one would be a brought forward Bledisloe Cup first rubber between the All Blacks and the Wallabies.

Sadly for Rugby, Castle doesn’t even have a quarter of a footy chief’s nous.

Peter V’Landys has got ’em all.

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