There is Nothing in the Pools – Tabcorp Have Taken Us All For Fools – This is Definitely Not Cool


The figures above are featured in a swell story on Punters.Com about the winner paying a million to one on in a race at the Grafton Dogs yesterday, but they are notable for something else too.

Look at the exotic and multi pools.

Across the whole of Queensland, population circa $5 million, only $11 was wagered on the First 4.

This race was the middle pin of the treble. No one bothered to bet on it.

It was the first leg of the double. A grand total of $16 was invested on that option.

$84 was whacked into the Quaddie pool.


UBET are reaping what they sow, and Racing Queensland have to munch on the product of the company’s neglect too.

Who is going to pay the prize money for racing in this State if the TAB revenue doesn’t?

It’s clearly not going to, so everyone in the sport should be asking the question.]

Instead most have got their heads stuck firmly up their arse.

Those bozos are in for a very rude shock in the not too distant future.

Don’t you worry about that.

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