Tabcorp’s CEO is a Coronavirus Hero – He’s Sacrificed $800 000 For the Greater Good – How the Hell is Poor David Attenborough, Slasher of 700 Jobs, Going to Live on Just $60 000 a Week?


This bloke above is David Attenborough.

Dave’s the CEO of the TAB, and he’s a Coronavirus hero.

He just put 700 people out of work, and drastically reduced the earnings of at least 2000 more who he has partially stood down by slashing their paid hours.

Dave didn’t want to do it, but he had to, for everyone’s benefit.

Like a true leader in a time of crisis, Dave took his share of the pain too.

Twenty percent off his salary, without even being asked.


That’s a pay cut of $800 000, the whole of hapless Raelene Castle from Rugby Australia’s entire salary.

What a gesture.

What a man.

How the hell is he going to survive the lockdown on just $3.2 million a year?

It’s only $60 000 a week.

I’m starting a Go Fund Me campaign to keep food on the poor bugger’s family table.


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