The Great Dilemma Facing Pins Parnell – Look Like a Pork Chop? – Or Act Like a Hypocrite? – Which Way Will the Following Man Flop?

Just two days ago I wrote about the idiocy of Racing Queensland in programming 12 runner races in the Central Downs/SEQ area when there are only ten jockeys available in that lockdown zone to ride them.

Well here we are again.

There is a 6 race TAB card being run in the SEQ zone at Bundaberg today.

Three of the races have 12 starters.

There are only ten jockeys to ride them.

Here’s the question.

Will Racing Queensland cause the State further embarrassment on the national and international stage by pulling the riderless horses out as late scratchings?

Or will RQ make a mockery of its own rules that recent;y saw Zoe White sentenced to 6 months on St Helena Island by bringing in ring-ins from outside the zone?

We are about to find out.

Watch this space.



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