The Dream Teams Are Suddenly to Become a Reality – Before You Can Say ”Greenberg’s Castle’s Fallen”, Footy in Australia is Saved

Rugby League’s was in huge trouble.

Sorry, IS in huge trouble, but only temporarily.

The weak-wristed wannabe PC warrior and joker Todd Greenberg -who believes that spending millions bringing in a pommie singer for the Grand Final to raise a socio-political point about gay marriage, is more important to the game he runs than looking after its retired players –  and his wide-toothed clown of a former boss Beattie are yesterday’s news.

And the day before’s, and the day before’s, and the day before’s, and ….

News Corp and their men PVD and Gus have done the job on Greenberg and anyone silly enough to have remained in his camp.

Just look back at the Gould opinion pieces publshed in their papers since the Coronavirus began. They’re not just wisdom, they are his election pitch.

I’d vote for him every time. So would you. And so should we all.

Greenberg’s gone.

It’s the Gus and Peter show, and God Save the Queen, cos they will save the game.

Rugby’s totally rooted.

Raelene Castle – couldn’t run a tasting line in a brewery, and is still earning 8 grand a week – says that the game’s going to lose $120 million in the next year if the players don’t agree to join the dole queue, but won’t show them the books so they can see how and why. It’s no surprise, because the game only brings in $119 million and all of it depends on playing.

She’s gone and good riddance, and so is Paul McLean, which is a real sham, because he was a great player and shouldn’t have stained his name by supporting Castle, and his deputy Brett Robinson who was only ever about half as good a player, if that.

John Eales is your new Chairman, Phil Waugh is his deputy, someone super-competent like John O’Neill will become interim CEO, and Phil Kearns will take over the reins as soon as he can.

Rugby won’t be the same anymore.

It will be like it was, and loved a whole lot more.

In times of crisis in Australia, the cream rises to the top.

Good men and women put aside personal ambition, and do what’s right for the people and things that they love.

Footy’s been saved.

God bless them all.


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