The NRL Season Must Start Again From Scratch – In These Times of the Killer Virus, This is a Brand New Match

The NRL proposal to restart the season afresh, with a new structure and zero points for every team prior to the new round 1 is a fundamentally sound and sensible one.

Teams like the Newcastle Knights that went 2 or 2 in the only rounds played in the brief COVID-19 suspended season are screaming like stuck pigs about the proposal, but FFS their two wins were over a rebuilding Wests and Coronavirus ruined and hopeless even before Warriors.

Would Mitchell Pearce and his crew be bleating so loud if they’s lost to the Rabbitohs and the Storm?

Of course not.

Without a full round having been played, the whole argument about retaining points is a moot one.

The only way forward is to start afresh, and if a club like the Knights has sadly lost a top player in the rounds that were played under the old system, then its a tragedy but its just bad luck. It could have happened to any team; it just so happened to them.

Leave the structure to Junior and the Boss (Peter V’Landys).

They know what they are doing.



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