Racing Queensland Embarrasses the Industry on Live Vision Streamed Across the World – How Hard Can it Really be to Count to Ten?


There are 13 jockeys nominated to ride in the corralled Down/Eastern Downs and SEQ Coast Regions (3&4) carved out under Racing Queensland’s save racing from COVID-19 strategy.

One of them – Alannah Badger – is inactive, having not ridden since October 2018.

Another – Robert Fraehr – copped a suspension at Kilcoy two weeks ago and is out on the sidelines until the 13th of April.

A third – Cheryl Rogers – is a trainer who holds a dual license. She has not ridden since before Christmas.

The 13 available jockeys thus becomes 10, and no extras can be shipped in.

Obviously the largest sized field in any event on the six-race card that can be scheduled is ten, because there are only 10 jockeys.

So what does Racing Queensland do?

Puts on one race with 11 accepted starters, and two races with 12.

Of course five horses had to be late scratched, for there was no-one to ride them, although the report shows just four, because one of the riderless runners was by chance scratched on veterinary grounds, or at least that’s what we are told.


All this gross incompetence and sheer embarrassment on a TAB card too, televised live to punters around the nation, and across the globe.

There were only two race meetings held in the entire state, yet still Racing Queensland couldn’t get it right.

How hard can it really be to count to ten?

In Queensland?

All too hard.





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