Arise Sir Peter V’Landys – Hero of Racing, Saviour of Rugby League, Boss


Who is the head of Racing South Australia?

Who is the boss in charge at Racing WA?

Or in Tasmania. or the Northern Territory, or the ACT?

Can you remember the Racing Victoria CEO’s name?

Would you know Racing Queensland’s boss if you didn’t live in Queensland?

Now, who runs Racing NSW?

That’s right, the same bloke who’s saving rugby league.

The Boss.

That’s what Wayne Pearce called V’landys this afternoon when speaking to the world.

Wayne Pearce.

Captain and spiritual leader of Balmain.

Led the Blues to a 3-0 whitewash of Queensland, and coached them to one too.

First player picked for the Kangaroos for seven seasons.

Hall of Famer, one of the hundred best players in history.

Rothmans medallist, Ken Stephen medallist, Order of Australia medallist, inaugural Commissioner of the Australian Rugby League Commission, legend.

Junior called Peter V’Landys the Boss, and he meant it.

Our man’s walked into the greatest game of all without ever having picked up a ball, and the whole game is looking at him to save us, and he’s going to do it too, we know he will because Junior says so.

Junior is as solid as a rock. A man you can trust. Everyone knows it.

And he trusts Peter V’Landys.

No greater compliment can any man receive.

Take a bow PV.

You Sir, are a genius.


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