Life Imitates Art as the Whole World Turns on Its Axis and Scomo Signs Up to Socialism


Just when you thought that you had seen everything, a little bitty bug comes along and suddenly you see a whole lot more.

Scomo  Рthe greatest hater of socialism in Australian politics since Little Johnny and Mad Tony took the fall Рhas nationalised the Australian economy.

No-one works for private enterprise any more.

We might be on the books, but Big Brother is really our boss.

How Australia is going to pay for this mad folly of our accidental PM is anyone’s guess, but pay we will, for the rest of your life and mine.

And some people say it’s the artists who are mad.

That’s why the Mona Lisa is worth a billion dollars, and no-one remembers the name of the politician in charge when Da Vinci painted it.

The world turns alright.

It always does.

About once every twenty-four hours.

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