We’ve All Heard About Hayes Starting the Wrong Horses at Bendigo on Saturday – But Has Anyone Told You What Happened at Beaudesert the Day Before?


Jumping from the incorrect barriers did not have a material effect on either horse?

Katarina being put in the wrong starting barrier outside of Pole Vaulter when it should have jumped from inside that horse did not effect it or the Vaulter’s performance in the race?

What the f***?

On which planet?


As you can see above, the entire circumference of the Beaudesert race track is just 1435 metres around from post to post, and the home straight is only 210 metres long.

Barriers are crucial, and unless a horse is Winx or Black Caviar, being stuck out in the boondocks when it hits the sweeping 600 metre long turn that takes it from the back straight into the home stretch is fatal.

If you are three wide when you hit that turn you are Gonzo.

Pole Vaulter’s jockey James Orman and Katarina’s rider Brooke Ainsworth know that.

That’s why when they jumped together from the wrong barriers both of them looked across to see how they could get in.



Orman, being a genius in the saddle, was hell-bent on taking advantage of the (unknown to him) unfair advantage that the negligent QRIC starter Mr K. Watson had gifted him, and kicked up on the Vaulter looking for the spot outside of the leader.

Brooke Ainsworth is a highly competent young rider herself, and she wanted the spot one off the fence on the pace too; but when she saw that there was no way on earth that Jimmy was going to give it up and let her in, she eased Katarina back to try to find a position behind them.



Orman secured the pl;um position at the leader’s withers just as the field approached the fatal, sweeping turn, but sadly for Ainsworth and the backers of Katarina, no matter how hard she looked and tried, the jockey just could not get her horse in from the death ride out wide.

So left with no choice, she eased back to last, and on a front-runners track that was the end of the section, as the first 3 horses home sat 1-2-3 in the run


What else could poor Brooke Ainsworth do?

Nothing is the answer, and it wasn’t her fault.

But if her horse was placed in the right barrier she could have, because the roles would have been reversed.

It would have been Orman and Pole Vaulter going back to last, or at the very least burning up a whole lot of juice to get around Ainsworth and spot her the 1-1.

You can read races as well as I can reader.

The wrong barrier debacle changed the whole course of the race.

It’s only the hapless QRIC Stewards looking after their stuff-up mates at the starting gates who say that it didn’t.

What a slap in the face to the punters and the connections.

What a joke.

What a disgrace.


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