In Queensland It’s Clear That One Equals Two – Do You Reckon That Means We Have Two QRIC Commissioners on Holiday During the COVID-19 Crisis?


This part of the official Stewards Report from Beaudesert has me baffled.

Clearly trainer Lyford has done the wrong thing by sleeping in and missing the scratching deadline for his horse Mahoe Gold, which by the Stewards highly literate reckoning means that Lyford failed to Mahoe Gold by the prescribing time.

But how did this prevent two other runners from being unable to start in the race?

Of course they are not runners until the actually run – they are wannabe runners, or accepted entrants – but forget that, the question is how one horse who should have bveen pulled from the field early in the morning could possibly have stopped two other from running in the race.

One, yes.

Two, no.

Not unless they were Siamese twins.

Is anyone surprised though?

This is Queensland after all.

Has anyone seen the Commissioner lately?

Where on earth could he be?

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