A Very Impressive Win – And a Highly Unusual Post-Race Sequel



Have you ever seen an easier win in your life that this?

It’s a former Sydney 2-year-old named Endorse resuming after a 120 day let off in Race 4 at Townsville on Saturday afternoon, and bolting in after being backed off the map into $1.50 at the jump.

The youngster ran a flying 57.64 seconds for the 1000 metres, and sizzled home its last 600m in 33.59 – that’s Golden Slipper winning time – and did it under double wraps, and with its head on its chest.

Strangely, after the race Endorse became so fractious that neither the swab attendant nor the vet was able to take the obligatory post-race sample from the horse, and what was even odder was that instead of simply waiting for the gelding to calm down, the Stewards ordered them to give up, and no swab was taken.

I don’t get that, because if a horse runs so unexpectedly fast and is then acting like a maniac even after all its exertions it is often a signal that it might have been given something to get it going before the race, and in these cases the something is usually off-label or totally banned under the rules.

To be clear, I’m not saying or suggesting that Endorse might have been hit.

But we will never know, will we?

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