Scooter is Spot on – They Are a Disgrace


I don’t recall ever agreeing with the Courier-Mail’s mad right shock-jock keyboard warrior Peter ‘Scooter’ Gleeson before, but there is a first for everything.

Setting aside Scooter’s paranoid vision of reds under beds at the ABC, the rest of his piece today on the disgraceful actions of the loony vegans who have used a killer pandemic as cover to try and pull a fraud on the public and shut down racing is simply outstanding.

I am sure that everyone in racing echoes the sentiments he has so eloquently expressed.

It takes a rare and warped individual to use the coronavirus crisis to push a message but animal activism knows no bounds when it comes to human decency.

As Queenslanders bunker down in their homes, justifiably apprehensive about what the future holds, a cohort of animal activists have been using a fake texting scam to try to close down the racing industry.


The fraudulent text message purporting to be from Queensland Health directs people to a petition to put horse racing on hold.

“The horse racing industry think they are above and beyond the rest of the community as they continue to irresponsibly promote against social distancing with masses working at large racing stables, at racetracks in early morning trackwork and on racedays,’’ the petition said.

Queensland Health confirmed the text was fraudulent “and it’s definitely not something we would send out’’.

Queensland Health said it would investigate how it happened, and prosecute those who were involved.

Since coronavirus began, The racing industry has been incredibly proactive when it comes to putting in place the proper social distancing and health protocols required to safeguard its participants.

In fact, champion jockey Mark Zahra alerted stewards last week that he may have the virus, and all races in Sydney and Melbourne were called off as soon as that occurred.

He was subsequently cleared and races have resumed. At a time when just about everything is shut down, racing is providing many people with the opportunity to switch off from this insidious coronavirus scenario.

Racing Queensland has had to make the tough decision to postpone the winter carnival this year in all three codes. These are tough times for everybody, and the racing industry is not immune.

Let’s not forget the racing industry employs tens of thousands of people and is worth $3 billion a year to the Queensland economy.

The zealotry and bastardry of animal activists to use the coronavirus crisis to push their agenda with false and destructive propaganda demonstrates the mindset of these people. It is also a salutary lesson to the racing industry, that has been forced to pick up its act on animal welfare and wastage rates.

That is a good thing. The push to properly rehome horses and dogs after they have finished racing has triggered a raft of new welfare protocols from leading administrators and it’s long overdue.

The wake up call has worked. Racing is now taking animal welfare seriously and it has a zero tolerance stance on cruelty and is ensuring horses and dogs live out their lives after their racing careers are finished.

Yet the animal activists continue their jihad, blindly, gormlessly and recklessly trying to shut down an industry that keeps so many people in employment.

Their guerrilla-like tactics are appalling. They team up with the left-wing Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) to set people up, using deception and guile to secure illegally obtained footage to broadcast to the world. They peddle lies and misinformation to justify their stance, stopping at nothing to secure their objective, which is to shut down the racing industry.

They attract money from innocent Australians who are suckered into donations, believing they are there for the right reasons, protecting animals, when in fact their sole aim is to throw thousands of people into the dole queue.

When asked to open their books up for an audit to see where their donations are actually spent, they go strangely quiet.

All at a time when the coronavirus outbreak has plunged the country into an economic malaise of which we have never experienced.

These are people who try to blackmail sponsors and corporate partners of the racing industry to pull their financial commitment, using emotive TV images to shame them into action. These are people who storm abattoirs, creating biosecurity problems for farmers, many of whom continue to battle drought and the ravages of bushfire.

These are people who moonlight during the day as professional agitators, gluing themselves to roads and bridges to stop mining.

These are the same people who rely on government welfare handouts to survive, rallying against the evils of capitalism, yet they wouldn’t work in an iron lung.

What gets me is the hypocrisy and the lies. They don’t believe in a fair fight. They’ve actually done some good work in exposing the welfare problems in racing and the industry has reacted swiftly and with purpose to create a remedy.

But no, they want it all. They want the industry closed down. They put animals before humans.

They are a disgrace. Using a pandemic to bolster their cause shows they are the lowest of them all.


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