The Best 2YO Pacer in the Past Two Decades? – Or a Drugged Up Mega Red Blood Cell Machine? – I Guess Time Will Tell

A pacer named Tasty Delight won the $100 000 Gold Chalice final for Two-Year-Old Colts and Geldings at Bathurst last night.

It ran 1.54.4 for the mile, an absolutely extraordinary time for any horse, let alone a two year old, and it did it the hard way three-wide into the death.

You hate to be a cynic, bit in these dark days where near half of the top ten US harness trainers are charged with running mass-doping rings you have to take everything out of the box that you see with a rather chunky grain of salt, so I will say this.

Tasty Delight is either doped, or it’s the best two-year-old we’ve seen since Lombo Pocket Watch., and tougher too, a sort of juvenile version of Gammalite or Pure Steel

I want to believe the latter, and do, and it excites me because I love nothing better that watching a great horse come through.

A couple of my mates reckon I’m a gullible fool.

I guess only time will tell whether I am right and they’re wrong, or vice versa.

We’ll see.

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