In These Desperate COVID-19 Times, Only Un-Australian Citizens Pull Rorts That Take Food Off Another Person’s Plate


Racing Queensland scheduled a 12 horse race at Mt Isa on a day when the next highest number of starters on the card was 10.

There were only 9 jockeys at the meeting.

Two horses in the ten horse race were scratched for want of a rider, one because there wasn’t one, the other because the only hoop at the meet was too heavy.

Three of the twelve in the twelve horse race were, for the same reason.

A low weighted horse in the 2nd race was too.

Six scratchings at a 42 starter meeting. That’s good isn’t it?

Never fear though, that was just a sideshow to distract you from the main game.

A club needs five races to hold a meeting, and each race must have a minimum of five starters.

There were five races on the Mt Isa card.

The last one had only five runners, meaning it just passed the bar and allowed the club to race. One of the horses in it – the topweight, Lord Windermere – was never, ever going to be a starter, and everyone including the Stewards knew it. The horse was only there to make up the numbers to ensure that the meeting could go ahead, and so that all the casual and contract staff engaged by the QRIC could get an earn.

Lord Windermere was scratched from the last race at 8.20am, on veterinary advice.

Veterinary advice?

What was the advice?

Who was the vet?

Are integrity officials who turn a blind eye to rorts so that they can cop an earn really any better than the shonks who pull them, or indeed the corrupt police and government officials of the Fitzgerald era?

This is public money we are talking about, scarce public money in these time of coronavirus crisis.

What was done at Mt Isa today is treason.

The people who steered the boat should just hang their heads in shame.

I’m glad you guys can eat Mr Steward and friends.

Don’t worry about the rest of us.

We’re just Queenslanders.



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