RIP Adani – The Mine is Dead, and the Coronavirus Killed It – Every Dark Cloud Has a Silver Lining


Why do you imagine that BHP suddenly need 1500 staff, a thousand of them in Queensland?

Because they’ve been flying foreign workers in under the radar that’s why.

If the Big Australian is already doing it, what do reckon that Adani was planning to do employment wise in its pre-approved, State Government sponsored mines?


Jobs for Queensland?

Yeah right.


Mankad was an Indian too don’t forget.

It doesn’t matter now, except as a lesson for the future.

Adani is as dead as Helsun the day that Grubby Day hooked it.

No fly in third world workers, no cost efficiencies, no mine.

It’s all over Red Rover.

The Greenies couldn’t kill Adani, but Coronavirus has.

Every dark cloud has a silver lining.



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