It’s All Just a Bit of Blarney



Well sporftsans, life follow art, it’s true.

Paddy is gay.

So is Amber.

I don’t know what Darryl’s Vogue is, but if it’s anything like my mate Darryl Evan’s from Mangere Height’s vogue, then Paddy and Amber would be into it too.

Nicky whoops.

CC ‘n S wink.

Zen goes.

The Speewah pub’s only a mile down the road, and their Sunday roasts are good.


Maggie says that I do have a good Bodi, and a Golden Horn.

You can’t De’nes that the hot wife says, as I sing her a sexy song while she does the Demi Moore on the pole and calls me Sir Truetone.

Yep, it’s all true, the whole race, except for one thing.

Belle De Jour could never stay.

She never got closer than third in eight attempts past 1200 metres, and ran last in her  only attempt at a mile in Assertive Lad’s Doncaster.

Never believe what you read.

It’s all just a Bit of Blarney.



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