Is the Bantam Trying to Take the Mickey Out of Mr Kevin Seymour AM? – A Tip From the Sportsdesk – It’s Not Wise to Invoke the Wrath of Khan


The Mark Dux trained Benefactor was an absolutely magnificent Queensland pacer of the late 1990’s.

He won two Triads, the 4-year-old Championship and a Winter Cup, and retired with a near 50% strike rate of 33 wins from 67 starts and more than a quarter of a million dollars in prize money in the bank.

It appears most peculiar that the Albion Park Harness Racing Club would elect to name a lowly Free For All run at twenty to six on a Saturday arvo/evening in such a top class pacer’s honor, for surely Benefactor deserves a bit better than that.

Kevin Seymour does too.

He’s been a benefactor himself at Albion Park for decades, and had damn near kept the club alive for years, even in the face of the incompetent leadership that Chairman David Fowler has exhibited through his loss of nearly $800 000 since taking over the leader’s mantle from Seymour.

Lately things haven’t been too good between the photo finish averse race caller and the super-successful businessman who was for many years his mentor, not too good at all. Fowler blindsided Seymour by leading a palace coup to shut him out of influence a Albion Park, then agreed to drop the club’s long-running lawsuit against the racing authorities who want sell the Creek, in return for not very much at all except an opportunity to bite the hand that once fed him and give its owner a good kick in the guts.

That’s why the Remembering Benefactor Pace is being run on Saturday night directly before a couple of races named after stallions that Mr Seymour owns and stands at stud. The Bantam can’t help himself. He’s sticking the slipper in again, or thinks he is anyway.

All David Fowler’s really doing by showing such disrespect to a person who – love or hate him – gave so much to harness racing for so long, is laying his own vacuous character bare for the whole world to see, and the picture ain’t pretty.

I’ve had plenty of stoushes with Kevin Seymour, but they were mano el mano and straight up, with plenty of big hits both ways but no rabbit punches or low blows as part of the game.

The Bantam doesn’t box the same way.

I guess he’s still too dirty at the Marquis of Queensberry for starting the snowball that landed Oscar Wilde in Reading Gaol to abide by the gentleman’s rules that old flirty Bertie’s dad laid down as fair play.

It’s a bad mistake I reckon, and while that’s only my opinion, it’s coming from a bloke who understands the theme of the movie Wrath of Khan.

I wonder whether Chookie’s a Trekkie?

Guess not.


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