Strike Me Roan – Look at Dick Van Dyke’s Strike Rate – And Draw Your Own Conclusions – First Published 27 January 2020


Strike Me Roan

Let’s take a quick Captain Cook at the best and worst strike rates of Brisbane trainers who have had 50 or more runners during the season. It makes for fascinating reading.

Best Strike Rates

26.6% David Van Dyke


17.1%  Robert Heathcote

15.8% Steven O’Dea

15.6% Chris Anderson

15.4% Matthew Dunn

15.0% Michael Lakey

15.0% Tony and Maddysen Sears

14.6% Trent and Toby Edmonds

Worst Strike Rates

3.6%   Les Ross

6.4%   Kris Lees

7.6%   Chris Munce

7.8%   Mark Currie

7.8%   Barry Lockwood

9.4%   Peter and Will Hulbert

These are the numbers.

Draw your own conclusions.

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