David Van Dyke’s an Angel – Just Ask Him – First Published 25 January 2020


Some people are just full of sh*t, just like that Archie Butterfly who suggested that Grubby Day might have hooked Helsun in the maiden, or that David Van Dyke might have a 30 year history of training horses that have been hit, although of course never, ever by him.

DVD’s an angel you know, that’s why he became Kembla Grange’s leading trainer at age 23 after just 2 years in the game, right in the middle of the era where racing in the Gong was hotter than the shots Roger Rogerson’s boys used to whack up the arms of drug dealers who were stupid enough not to pay the corrupt cops their rightful vig.

Anyway, there’s no accounting for clowns, so why waste your breath trying to explain to them that Dave VD was never for a second guilty of any of the near half dozen breaches of the racing treatment (drug) rules that he copped fines or outings for, and that it was always someone else’s fault, usually a high-functioning secret junkie desperate for some cash for a hit.

The same sort of cynical arseholes who say these things about the Alligator man are now whispering that Peter Moody’s inquiries about returning to the sport that he walked away from after being banned for cobalt might be linked to the appointment of Blair Odgers as CEO at Pakenham.

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