Wam Bam Steward Sir – Warra You Looking For? – You Won’t Find it in the Swabbing Bay, That’s For Sure


On the 14th of January this year Gold Coast trainer Maryann Brosnan bought the tried  Wamwarra Bay for $3850 in an online sale on bloodstockauction.com.au.

Most people thought that Brosnan had paid overs, for in his eight lifetime starts on country NSW tracks the gelding had only run better than last, 2nd last or 3rd last once, and that was an unplaced effort in a mules maiden at Muswellbrook.

About 3 weeks after Wamwarra Bay had arrived at its new trainer’s Gold Coast stables the slow horse stepped out in a trial at Aquis Park and won in what Brosnan, channeling Pinocchio, was later to describe to NSW Stewards as impressive fashion.

It wasn’t impressive at all.

There were 14 trials held over a 1000 metres at the Coast that day, and Wamwarra Bay’s was the slowest of the day by a country mile, and it only won because it led and no other runner as pushed out to go past it.

On the basis of that effort only an imbecile would have ploughed into it at its debut run for the Brosnan stable at Grafton a fortnight later; but plough in some punter or punters did, backing it off the map from an early quote of $12 into $4 at the jump.

The plunge merchants weren’t from or connected to the stable Maryann Brosnan told the Stewards, presumably with her fingers crossed behind her back, but they sure got the the chocolates after Wamwarra Bay saluted the judge in front despite pulling its head off the whole trip.

For some strange reason though it appeared that the stipes didn’t quite accept trainer Brosnan’s story of surprise about her new stable star’s sudden improvement in her care, or her tale about the landed plonk on the horse being orchestrated by strangers, for the  doubting Thomas’s decided to toss the winner’s tie up stall, his trainer’s float and her race day kit bag.

God only knows what they might have been looking for, but they didn’t find it.

My bet is that the swab they took won’t either.

Trainers aren’t dumb.

Only mug punters and behind the times integrity officials and testing labs are.

Don’t you worry about that.






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