Racing Can Be a Cruel Game Cecile


The $180 000 yearling purchase above was named Cecile by its hopeful owners.

Given that the filly they just paid a motza for was closely related to a host of really good horses from Perth, most of them named Arcadia, no doubt Denise Martin from Star Thoroughbreds and those who bought into the syndicate that she onsold the yearling to were dreaming of Group 1 success as they wrote their cheques.

If you ain’t got dreams, you ain’t got nothing a wise man once said.

Racing is a tough game though, and dreams often turn into dust.

Cecile’s owners did.

After running second and third last in her first two races at lowly Newcastle, the filly who cost four times the average annual wage was sent north by trainer Winxy Waller to see if she could knock off a few easy marks in Queensland.

It wasn’t to be.

Cecile lined up in a Maiden at Clifford Park, Toowoomba on Saturday night.

She ran 4th.

It would have been a nice run for a hand me down or freebie, but the $900 prize money didn’t put much of a dent in the six-figure outlays.

Where to next for Cecile?

Are anyone’s kids after a well-bred but rather slow pony club hack?

Just give Winxy a call if you are,

i’m sure he’d be happy to get rid of her.

With a bit of luck he might even lend you a float.


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