Don’t Believe the Hype About the Coronavirus – The Flu is Far More Deadly Every Day of the Week


This is what the flu bug looks like.

Influenza has been around and making us sick for hundred of years.

It kills people too.

What you see below are facts published by, and reproduced from, the Australian Government Department of Health in 2015, well before the current hysteria over a strain of the flu that is all but shutting down the nation and destroying our economy.


The picture you see below is the Coronavirus COVID-19 bug.


Spot the difference?


That’s because essentially there isn’t any.

The flu is a Coronavirus, and so is COVOD-19.

They are just different strains.

Remember the numbers published by the Government in 2015.

300 000 people a year visit the doctor because they have the flu.

18 000 of them are admitted to hospital.

3 500 of them die.

There are only 300 confirmed cases of COVID-19.

Just 5 people have died.

We don’t close the borders and shut down the country every winter to prevent people from catching the flu, and we don’t declare public health emergencies and give police and the armed forces the power to arrest and detain Australians just because they cough or sneeze while walking down the street.

So why are we doing it now?

Stop believing the hype and cowering in fear, and ask yourself that very simple question.


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