What a Disgrace – WA Trot Trainer Ties a Three-Week-Old Horse to a Moving Car and Cops Just a 6 Month Suspension – He Should be Banned From Racing For Life


Michael Guerds is a West Australian harness racing trainer.

He shouldn’t be.

Guerds tied a 26 day old foal – a baby less than a month old – to an exercise jogger.

An exercise jogger is a moving vehicle, either directly powered by a motor, or a trailer pulled by another motorised vehicle, used for the purpose of exercising horses.

26 days old this little foal was.

As you would expect, the newborn horse couldn’t keep up with the moving vehicle or trailer, and it slipped and fell three times.

What sort of an animal would do this to a young baby horse?

What the hell did Guerds think he was going to achieve?

Or he is just a crazy-minded sadist with bizarre ideas and no regard for the effect upon others of his actions, and man who doesn’t know and just doesn’t care?

The WA Stewards – who conducted a hearing into the matter well after it had occurred – found that the foal suffered no injury as a consequence of Guerds actions.

That is the greatest load of palaver I have ever heard. A tiny wee horse slips and falls on a hard surface while trying to keep up with the fast-moving vehicle that it has been tied to, and it doesn’t get physically hurt? Really?

Let reality go for a moment and hypothetically accept that the foal didn’t suffer any physical injury. Do you not think that it might have suffered a rather severe psychological injury as a result of the cruelty inflicted on it?

Of course it did.

My daughter’s just adopted a year old dog from the pound. It was mistreated when it was a baby, and still suffers the mental scars. I can’t lift a broom or a mop to the cleaning without Mumba (it was named after Kobe Bryant, RIP) flinching and screaming. God only knows what happened to the poor thing when it was little, but whatever it was the dog remembers.

The foal will too.

Michael Guerds punishment for his heinous animal cruelty crime was a mere 6 month suspension of his trainer’s license.

Men who hurt babies are leopard, and they never change their spots. Rehabilitation is not an option, but even if it was, the punishment must fit the crime, and be an absolute deterrent to any grub who even thinks about tying a tiny horse who’s not even a month old to a moving vehicle in the future.

There was only one sentence that fits what Guerds did.


He should have been warned off for life.

The Stewards who gave him just a 6 month suspension which allows him to continue to have contact with horses should be warned off too.

What a fucking disgrace.

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