In a Daze – The Official Stewards Report of the Inquiry into Jockey’s Nathan Day’s Wretched Ride on Helsun


I am told by multiple sources that jockey Nathan Day is seeking legal advice about suing the author and publisher of this site for our series of articles suggesting that he rode Helsun dead in a mid-week maiden in January.

It’s a free world, and jockey Day is welcome to do whatever he likes, but there’s an old saying that a fool and his many are soon parted, and no-one will part you from your money quicker than a defamation lawyer matched up against a respondent who knows the complex and specialised area of law as well as, and quite likely better, than the flock of seagulls in the suits with the LLB’s after their names.

We’ve never been afraid to hand out tips on this website, even to people who run around town unfairly calling us rude names, so here’s one for jockey Day.


Read this section of the Stewards Report above, and ask yourself why the QRIC officials chose to add the words ‘on the race in question’.

Then re-read our story from last week about certain people having taken an interest in a particular race run at Mackay in April last year, and allow us to give you another tip or two. They are looking at one run a week or two before as well, and have imaged your phone. Some well-placed sources suggest that they might have imaged some other jockeys phones too.

Still want to sue us for defamation?

Go for your life son.

Just don’t be looking the inside run.

We’ve already taken it.

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