Yesterday Upon the Steward Tower Stairs, I Met a Stipe Who Wasn’t There – He Wasn’t There Again Today, Oh How Punters Wish He’d Go Away


There were seven (7) stewards on duty at Randwick yesterday.

At Flemington there were six (6).

Morphetville had nine (9).

Seven (7) stipes officiated at Ascot, and the same number (7)  were in charge of the meeting down in Launceston.

Even at the provincial meeting at Dalby there were five (5) stewards running the show.

But at Queensland’s showcase metropolitan meeting at Eagle Farm yesterday there were just four QRIC Stewards at work and on duty between races 3 and 8, and only three stipes there for races 1, 2, and 9.


What on earth is going on?

Why was the Chief Steward Peter Chadwick only chairing the panel for races 3 – 8?

Why were there only four (4) stewards on board while Chadwick was there, and just three (3) when he wasn’t?

What’s the point of building Stewards Towers if there are no Stewards at the course to occupy them?

How do you run a metropolitan race meeting with just 3 or 4 Stewards on duty?

Is this some sort of joke that is being played upon punters and the public?

Does integrity even matter at all?

Questions, questions, questions.

As usual when it comes to getting answers from our public servant racing leaders, don’t expect any answers.

You might not like what you hear.

PS – There were 5 Stewards working at the Albion Park trots last night






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