First Yonkers, Then the World – Maggie’s Trotter Takes Manhattan – Now the Eagle’s Coming to Take Berlin


Well Maggie has a tangihanga to organise, so she couldn’t make it over to Yonkers to see her mighty pacer One Off Delight A take the Yanks to town in the claimer, but I’m pleased to be able to tell you that she’s blu tacked the winning photo to the back of the dunny door and I really enjoy looking at it.

So does Maggie’s man in Jersey Chuck Longo, the fella in the picture who runs the Winners Circle, a collective of harness racing nuts from around the globe who all throw their pocket money into a paypal pot so that Chuck can go and spend it buying shares in US harness racing horses for all the nuts to share.

Maggie started out with a piece of 2 or maybe 3 horses (she’s asleep so I can’t ask her), but now, thanks to the success of Chuck and his partner Matt’s purchase selections and the winnings that have accrued from them, she now has shares in nine and just tonight bought her tenth, an Aussie horse that most punters will know named Higher Than an Eagle, a pretty good class pacer that had the divine good fortune of being driven by Kima.

The Eagle cost $95 000 landed, which works out at $2375 per two and a half percent, a price that might seem a tad exy but isn’t, because it will be running around in weekly races worth between $30 – 35 thousand, and is a snip to win the buy in cost back in the first few months of racing.

If anyone has an interest in US harness racing like we do I can offer you no better tip than to give Charlie a call or drop him a line. These blokes are as honest as the day is long, and do what they do for the love of sport and the opportunity to have a crack.

If you are quick you might even be able to secure yourself a few hairs of the Eagle.

If he’s good enough for Kima to straddle, the Eagle is good enough for us all.

Get in, and get on!

We have an opportunity to get in on the Rob and Patti Harmon trained HigherthananEagle (all one word).This is an Australian import that is ready to go and will qualify with Roadie on Wednesday at Pocono. Rob trained him in 58 on the farm which is a monster mile on that track surface. He could have gone faster. This horse will compete at the highest levels at Yonkers and is a solid investment but comes at ah high price tag. He’s 95K landed and will cost $2,375 for 2.5%. I will send the horse’s lines and video later tonight for those that might be interested. Trish Coyle will be the caretaker and she said the horse is big and strong and extremely impressive,
“Come partner with us and experience 100% of the thrills for a fraction of the cost”.
Charlie Longo   Matt Zuccarello
914-557-6586  516-314-0478
       Managing Partners
   Winners Circle Racing LLC
Follow us on Twitter @wincirclerace
Facebook – Winners Circle Racing
Instagram – winnerscircleracing


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