Shove Off Sheik – We Don’t Need Women Haters in Australian Racing


This is the bloke who owns Godolphin.

Australian racing authorities don’t just welcome the prick to race horses here, they fall to their knees and fete him.

He should be banned from racing for life.

There is no place in sport for anyone who abuses women.

The NRL know this, and that’s why they have implemented the mandatory stand down policy that applies to anyone who has been alleged to have acted improperly.

The UK court has found that the freak Sheikh of Godolphin is a kidnapper, torturer and abuser who uses his money, influence and power to deprive women of their freedom and liberty.

In other words, the Sheik is a criminal grub, albeit one protected by diplomatic immunity that spares him from the consequences of his heinous crimes.

If the racing industry is fair dinkum and integrity means anything at all, he would be warned off for life first thing Monday morning.

It won’t happen though.

And that is to our eternal disgrace.



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