Stand Up and Cheer Trot Fans of Australia – Clean Hands Craig Cross is the Greatest Harness Racing Trainer in the World


That Ledford barn in the United States mustn’t be chop at training horses.

Only one to two lengths improvement, even chock full of performance enhancing drugs?

Luke McCarthy Craig Cross can improve them five to six lengths, and he does it clean.

Or at least that’s what I’m told.

Let’s have a look at a couple of examples, one the now Group 1 class 7YO mare Bettor Enforce who finished second in the $200 000 Ladyship Mile on Saturday night, the other the first one we see racing at Menangle today.

It’s a 4YO restricted grade trotter called Flingandwinit, and using him as our model the genius of McCarthy Cross is a bit easier to line up and illustrate, because the square gaiter has done most of its racing at Menangle.


Trainer Alan Beck (New Zealand)






Trainer – Tony Peacock (VIC)




Trainer – Luke McCarthy Craig Cross (NSW)





Improvement – 5.7 seconds


Trainer – Shane Duffy (VIC)





Trainer – Luke McCarthy Craig Cross (NSW)



Improvement – 2.7 seconds

Want another one, just for fun?

How about Royal Aurora, a 5YO gelding from the McCarthy Cross barn that ran second in race 5 at Menangle today?

Trainer A.S. Turnbull couldn’t get it to win in faster than 2.01.0 in the nine starts he had it, although its PB was run when it finished a 1.6 metre third at Menangle in 1.53.7.

That time roughly converts to 1.53.9 (actually, a little bit less).

In ten starts under the tutelage of co-owner I.D. Williamson the horse’s best winning time was 1.59.7, with his PB being the 1.54.3  give or take a tick that it ran when finishing 13.9 metre from the winner when 5th in a race at Menangle in October.

So, got that?

1.53.9 for Turnbull, 1.54.3 for Williamson.

Luke McCarthy Craig Cross has had Royal Aurora for just five starts.

Today it came and ran the mile at Menangle in 1.52.0.

Improvement – 1.9 seconds

Eat your hearts out Barry, Mark and Natalie.

Cool Hand Luke Clean Hands Craig is the greatest trot trainer in the whole wide world.

Stand up and cheer Australia.

He does it drug free too.

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