In NSW Harness Racing, It Seems That Rules are Just Made to be Broken – By the Stewards


Well I saw this race live, and I’ve watched the replay about a dozen times, and I can absolutely assure you readers that what really happened in race 3 at Menangle last Saturday night is the Mark Purdon came roaring around the outside on Another Masterpiece mid-race, Jason Lee driving the horse in the death kicked up for no more than about 50 metres, and then Purdon gave up the ghost.

He didn’t really have a red hot crack at getting to the breeze – or even leading – at all, and there would only be one reason why.

That reason would be that driver Lee shouted at him and told Purdon to naff off, and that he wasn’t letting him cross for love or money.

It’s blindingly obvious, but the NSW harness racing Stewards in charge of enforcing the rules failed to ask the right simple question.



The one below has a huge flashing light on it too.

The pacer Bright Energy is roaring its way through the classes, and why wouldn’t it?

After all, it was transferred to the Luke McCarthy Craig Cross stable sometime during its injury enforced 18 month absence from the track, and as is becoming very much the norm Cool Hand and/or Clean Hands improved its best time by 2.2 seconds (speaking of flashing lights ….).

But entering the race on Saturday night Bright Energy was on its last warning for behaving badly behind the gate, and if it was found to have misbehaved again it was on its way semi-permanently ti the outside of the draw.


Bright Energy misbehaved, and then driver Brad Elder misbehaved even more.

He told the Stewards that his horse galloped because his rein burr had been caught around the ring of the bit, and had caused his horse to make the error.

The Stewards raised one eyebrow at him and said “Pull the other Bradley it jingles”.

Bright Energy is off to the boondocks barrier for its next few starts.

Brad Elder should copped a charge, and at the very least a stiff fine.

It didn’t happen.

It must be Xmas every day in Western Sydney.


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