What is it in the West Australian Water That’s Making All These Sandgroper Steeds Run So Fast?

Until about a year or two ago horses that journeyed across Nullabor to win top races in the East were as rare as hens teeth, such an oddity that every punter can recite by rote their names.

Aquanita, Placid Ark, Northerly, Miss Andretti, Hay List, Rogan Josh, Old Comrade, Plastered, Scenic Blast, Scenic Shot, Bomber Bill, Dark Beau, Barossa Boy, Rogan Josh and perhaps a few others. A dozen or two over several decades, and not many more.

But all of sudden the vast desert seems to have shrunk to the size of a teabag, and everywhere you look horses from Perth are eating up the turf in the east faster than the big eared bunnies once ate their through the rabbit-proof fence.

Black Heart Bart, Scales of Justice, Star Exhibit, Arcadia Queen, Gatting, Perfect Jewel, Fabergino, Superstorm and a whole bunch more.

The Perth horses are kicking it, and there are so many of them matching motors with the best that the east coast has to offer you have to start wondering whether there is something in the water that’s getting them going to places where few WA gallopers have gone before, or whether it’s just a case of plain dumb luck.

I don’t which it is.

All I know is that I wanna get me some of that stuff Sir, and fast.


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