Never Trust a Movie Star Who Drops Acid

It’s been a long time since we’ve heard anything of the one-time Hollywood heartthrob Cary Grant (whose real name was Archibald just out of interest, just like Harry and Meaghan’s boy and mine), a real long time indeed.

In fact the last I’d heard about Cary since he hung his acting saddle up a few years after starring in North by North was several years ago, when it came out in the press that a pill popper who used to drop tabs of LSD on a Saturday night and go tripping. for days, a revelation that might have shocked many of the midday movie loving blue rinse set, but didn’t surprise me one bit.

“Never trust an actor or a greyhound trainer” my old grandma used to say, “The buggers are all closet drug fiends who are far too partial a quick rush and the peeve”.

She wasn’t often wrong old Granny, and proved it again a couple of weeks ago when old Cary Grant popped his head up out of the Hollywood Hall of Fame for the first time in 50 years and almost immediately got pinched doping his dog with Special K, which is Ketamine for the benefit of those unfamiliar with the dance party drug scene.


Cary Grant had slipped the mickey to a young maiden named Rubys For Jaydsa on a night out at Albion Park,  which I guess wouldn’t shock anyone given that old ham was always hitting up young birds and got married and divorced five times, although it does come as a shock to learn that a bloke once regarded as world’s most desirable man has fallen so far down skid row that he has to resort to that sort of caper.

Giving an innocent young woman Ketamine is a no-no on a greyhound track too, even if she is a bitch, particularly when it used to pump a heavily backed chaser up to feel no pain and run through brick walls, and the hitter is the one who’s been doing all the heavy betting.

Every dog has its day I guess, and fame is always fleeting, and blokes who slip birds drugs in their drinks are deadheads, so no-one matter how famous he one was no-one is going to miss Cary Grant while he spends the next couple of months on the sidelines serving out his disqualification.

We all have better things than weep over fallen movie stars to do with our time. Things like asking the QRIC Stewards why they would choose to suspend 10 months of a 12 month spell served out to a drug cheat who rips off his rivals and robs punters blind.

They were just star-struck I suppose.



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